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December 9, 2012


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Um....... I have to leave for good this time. This is sudden I'm sorry. I don't have time to answer RP's or questions but I'll answer them in this journal. I'm not really allowed to have accounts anywhere to be honest. Luckily I will be here in spirit! I'll be looking around sometimes. ^^ I'm going to hold on to my account as long as possible but I'll be deactivating soon.


1. AskCardPrince asked
Hey there, man! Glad to meet another prince! -grin- So, gotta ask, do you ever get stuck to things? Being made of honey and all?

"When I'm out in the real world I do get stuck sometimes but not really!!"

2. AskLichPrincess asked
omg your so Delicious ... can i lick you :3 ???))


3. AskLanathenymph asked
Lana:Do you know Winnie THe Pooh?
Pp:-climbs on head-can I eat a small piece of ywour hair?

"Winnie the what? ..... NO."

4. Ask-SabinTheElf asked
How old are you? How tall are you? Do you like frogs? What's your favorite color? And do you like meerkats.... OO OOO AND KOALAS~!

"19 Five ten no red never seen those before"

5. Ask-The-Shadow-Girl asked
Question: Do you expire?

"No not really"

6. Ask-princess-Naomi asked
Sherly: Hello mr. Honey! I have a question I made a batch of cookies but have no clue to share them with, would you like some?

"Sure!! Thats very sweet of you. ^^"

7. Ask-Ray-the-InkBoy asked
Ray: "Is your skin made of honey, or just your hair?"

"Yes. My entire body except for the clothes."

8. ask-lightningprinces asked
Hey! You look sweet~
Err... no pun intended. Care to be my friend?

"Ha!! Sure. o u o"

9. dibfanlover asked
hello.wanna hang out with me and my oc's

10. NoxidamXV asked
Hm. Would like to be a friend of Prince Spearmint? I think he's Princess Bubblegum's cousin. :3
"Okay but I would like to meet him first. ^ ^;"

11. AskTheSiren asked

Emil~ *runs up to hug him* Hehehe wanna hang out~? ^^

"Sure!!! ^^"

12. AskPrincesMultifruit asked
a question
if I hug you, I'll stay glued to you?

//soorry for my englishh, you´re cutee//

"Nope. My clothes aren't sticky."

13. AskCuillerePuddin asked
Nellie: "He-Hello, might I ask,I hope your schedule isn't busy
or anything,being a ro-royal and all,but would you care to
drink some tea with me?"The pink toned girl smiled shyly at
the prince then bowing her head slightly.
"I-I'm not busy at all! I'd love to drink tea with you Nellie."

14. Ask-PrinceJakiel asked
Q: Good day I am Prince Jakiel of the gingerbread Kingdom.
I was wondering if you were to care to have a cloth swap. You clothes seem very classy. UuU
((The answer would've been yes. ; 3 ; ))

15. CoreyAMurray asked
Boxers or briefs? ((And could we get a rear view?)
((Tmi ha ha ha. xD I was gonna answer this a certain way but I'm afraid I can't anymore.))

16. AskTheSiren asked
*taps him on the shoulder, smiling, her colorful lil ear frills twitching cutely* I Got a question seashell~! *holds her arms out* Can I have a hug~?

(( *rolls away* =//u//= ))
"Yes of course. u v u *hug*"

17. AskAll-Of-Us asked
Honey: Can i touch your hair?

"Aaaa sure. *shrug shrug*"

18. tiltedfires asked
Galaxy: Does your hair taste like honey?? If so could i have a taste?? *smiles*

"Yes it does. No you may not. v - v"

19. Ask-MissVolVol asked
What sort of things do you eat?
"My diet consists of a lot of breakfast foods and fruits with the occasional non honey related sweet."

20.Ask-Kalliely asked
Emil... I love that name! Anyway, here's a questioooon for you. What the most awkward/embarrassing thing you've ever been caught doing?
"Thanks! ...... Well long story short. I was doing things with my ex-girlfriend and my sister walked in on us. The problem is that my sister had a crush on her all that time so..... It was rather embarassing and awkward on both ends."

22. Arty-luver asked
Admin: Do you taste like honey?

23. Ask-ActressPrincess asked
Thank you for the watch~ ))
P.S : It's a Question =w= ))

:bulletorange: Hey there.. Honey Prince. Well, i dont know you, but im going to make a new movie called " A New Hope " . And i need a guy to act like he's my couple / date. And i think you fit that position perfectly~ Now, what do you say? Would you like to join me on making this movie? 
"Acting isn't exactly my forte..... So I'll have to decline."

24. AskVampireKitty asked
Kitty: *floats down in front of his face* Hello there~ May I ... May I taste some of your honey?

 "*hands out a jar* There you go lol"

25. askdoodleprincess asked
C-C-Can y-you t-tell m-me a b-bedt-time s-story?

"Sure dear. I'd be glad to. ^ u ^"

26. AskCocaCola-Princess asked
Can I touch your hair? 
"Go ahead. *shrug*"

27. Ask-Jimmy-an-Rellica
so.. since ur honey.. what do you comb your hair with ( pfftt honey joke~)
"A brush especially built for my hair type which is honey." ((HA!))

28. ask-princesscookie
hello there 

wanna be friends??? ^^
"Okay why not. ^^"

29. AskPrinceHarvest
Q. Isn't somewhat incovinient that you hair is always dripping?
"It doesn't drip /all/ the time. Only when it's not completely dry. It's not too inconvenient though. Everyone is used to it."

30. AskTheMonkeyKing asked
Your the Honey Prince, Does the mean of all the honey!? Can I have some honey it taste so amazing on bananas!!
"No. Only of whoever lives under the dome. Many have left and there's others in the Candy Kingdom for all I know. *shrug* Sure!"

31. Ask-Kit-The-Pirate
why I think yer the most adorable king ive ever seen! Ya must be sweet to being made of honey! Any who I have a question fer ya lad! -nervous cough- Would ye mind if I uhh -blush- kissed yer cheeck? oh! And my name is Kit O'Hara and im a fox Pirate tis a pleasure ta meet you yer majesty! -bows-

"Ummm... *blushes* Ok???"

32. ask-keylimeKay asked
Oh, hello!
How are you doing today?
*blushes* and would you like to join me for tea?
"Sure, doll. v u v"

33. wolfiecarrotnyaa asked
Hey thar honey prince! If you're Honey Prince, do you eat honey as well? That'd seem weird, but oh well, werewolves used to eat humans... and Princess bubblegum eats candy. So do you have a slight cannibalistic side like some of us?? Owo
"I guess so but I got sick of it so I trimmed down on the honey."

34. Ask-ManyMask asked
Q: since your honey.....and honey never goes bad....does that mean ur immortal?

"Not quite."

35. Ask-Carlson asked
Hey uh there aren't any bee's there right
"Pshh no way."

36. PrincessButterflyAsk asked
would you like any of my kingdoms candy? it's honey covered flowers

"Sounds delicious but as strange as it may seem... I don't really like the taste of honey. o n o;;"

37. Asklizzy-thebee-maid asked
Hello there its nice to meet you *smiles* may I ask what your name is? :)

"Emil Curtien Miel or just Emil. A pleasure to meet you."


If you have any... personal questions for Emil please ask them now or forever hold your peace. v u v I have oodles of junk yall don't know about Emil. I'll go ahead and tell you guys a bunch but that's not all:

Emil is not gonna inherit the throne. His kingdom is ruled by women. It is a matriarchy. He's not getting nothin. He has to marry a rich or royal gal from his kingdom or an ally's kingdom if he wants to stay. He'd get disowned if he were to marry a "peasant" from anywhere else and he wouldn't be allowed to return. Outsiders can't come into the kingdom. Honey combs are a representation of female pwer. Many people wear them on their clothes. Both royalty and peasants including Emil. The boy can't even choose his own clothes half the time. v - v His daddys name is Hallen and his mother's is Lovisa. His parents and his sis can speak Swedish. His sis is taking classes though. He can't because he rejected the offer to learn it. He owns a crown but doesn't wear it because what's the point? Royal women in his kingdom look down on him alot. Women are the breadwinners of their families but men still gotta work. Women still are supposed to take care of the home and look pretty and junk. Honey aging process is slow. Most honey royaty is made of pure honey Many citizens are too which might have royal blood in them.Many honey peples come in different shapes and sizes and made of different honeys. Emil doesn't like honey. It's like what milk is to humans kind of. He has gold eyes. His bday is Jan 15th. He and his sis like the same type of girls but his sister prefers honey girls and he's kind of intimidated by most of them so he doesn't really date ones from his kingdom anymore. Boots are easy to wear in the kingdom. Women marrying other women is allowed. But this system is comparable to how men having relations with other men was acceptable in roman and greek times. It's a common thing. So Emil's sis liking girls is completely normal but she still gotta marry a guy to have babies. He really pities his sister because she's shy and has a hard time talking to people she doesn't know very well.

I'm leaving but I answered questions hereby Ask-HoneyPrince

Journals / Personal©2012-2014 Ask-HoneyPrince
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